Trey's World

Well for recent news my site is in a constant state of change now and will soon will be changing servers to one controled by me therfore it will have a great deal more features

if you want access to the private section please email me for access

sept. 3, 2000

I know have dsl access at home with will allow me to add many knew features and you should come back soon to see the changes.

sept. 25, 2000


website gone must fix

sept. 26, 2000

website is mostely back up after the administrator from hell destroyed it with a simple rm -fr command

Wow Im back up and on a new server a lonely alpha maybe know i really can do some cool stuff

I was Just informed by my jackass friend Chris that my website has some spelling errors. He can shove it up his @$$ and you can to if you complain, but i will work on it when i get as much free time as those like chris who sit at home and play with themselves like Chris.

Oh i forgot about ian who joins chris and they play soggy cookie together because he likes to complain like a little girly

here it is jun 24, 20001 and im finally changin some stuff I i now am runing a Counter Strike Server it address is and you can go to the webpage for info about downloading the maps.

June 25, 2000 I am currently working on a couter strike statistics program that will display statistics of games played on my server I am also still working on a message board for my webpage.

aug 26, 2003 Wow time goes buy fast I havent done much with my site but put up a few pics check out my personal page that I added a real pic of me having fun. Im going to add a new section for poeple to take a look at soe of the pictures Iv taken an see whats goin on check back in a while.

Oct 24, 2023 Finally got arround to moving my website and getting it to work again. Now over 20 years since I last updated this. Lots has happened in that time now I'm married with 3 kids. If you know me and reading this you should probably shoot me an email or give me a call...

private section